SmartVille in Iver Heath

SmartVille Iver Heath was launched in 2020 by volunteers in the community who’ve set up the scheme; raised funds; manage incoming requests for information & deal with the relevant authorities.

Iver Heath followed after the successes in Richings Park.

A committee was set up and a constitution. A bank account opened and a Go Fund Me account set up.
SmartVille was set up in direct response to a sharp increase in crime rates in Iver Heath and the surrounding area.

A ‘Go Fund Me’ account has been set up to help raise funds and a separate bank account has been opened for transparency.


 The key objectives of the project are:

  • To provide ANPR & CCTV images that support the authorities in the identification and prosecution of those carrying out crime here
  • To act as deterrent to those targeting the village for criminal purposes

Funding so far

We have received donations from the Iver Heath Residents Association, local businesses and residents.

We were also successful in applications for funding from the PCC Community Fund (£5,000 grant); Wexham & Ivers Community Board and Iver Parish Council.

Future funding

Since the start we have installed cameras at 5 sites in Iver heath comprising of Overview and ANPR cameras.

We would like to move on to phase two and install cameras at strategic junctions to enhance the evidence we can obtain.

In addition there will be ongoing maintenance costs and an annual insurance.

Please help support Smartville in Iver Heath by making a donation using the button below.

If you are a business who want to contribute with a single donation or become a long-term sponsor, please get in touch by using the form below.

Remember 100% of the funding we receive goes towards improvements and maintenance!

Thank you

The SmartVille Team would like to especially thank:

  • Everyone who has made a financial contribution to the project since it started

  • All homeowners and businesses who kindly agreed to allowing us to use their property to site a Smartville camera

  • The PCC fund for the £5,000 grant
  • CAMSEC Security for their support and expertise during the set up and for providing maintenance as it’s been required

  • Everyone who has donated their time to help get the project up and running


  • The funds are managed by Iver Heath Smartville Committee.
  • 100% of the funding goes towards the scheme.
  • The funds have been used to purchase and install a mix of ANPR and CCTV cameras for installation in key locations around the village.
  • They help us to gather information and evidence in the event of a crime that has either happened already, is happening now, or may be being planned.
  • All information gathered is then passed on directly to the Police in the event of a crime or the Council for fly tipping.

Yes! In Iver Heath we provided information shortly after the first camera was installed and have been doing so ever since.

We have provided information for all types of crime and antisocial behaviour to The Police and local authorities. This information has helped to identify criminals.

Information provided has also helped to build up evidence on organised crime.

  • We can only access the network if a crime has been reported.
  • We only view cameras at the location relevant to where the incident happened.
  • We only access these cameras for the date and time required to help with detection.
  • All information or evidence gathered is supplied directly to the authorities to help them with their enquiries.

To complete Phase II, we need to raise funds to purchase and install a few further cameras. These cameras will help to:

  • Provide broader coverage of all key junctions.
  • Speed up information gathering for live incidents.
  • Speed up information gathering for historic incidents.
  • Provide much stronger supporting evidence to help secure arrests and to improve the likelihood of a successful prosecution

Reporting an incident to The Police

For emergencies
If a crime is happening now or you about to happen – Call 999 and make a note of the Crime Reference Number.

If you want to report an incident that has already happened or have a non-emergency – Call 101 or report online.

Silent 999 calls
If you’re in danger but you can’t talk on the phone, you should still call 999then follow these instructions.

Please use this link to access full information on how reporting a crime to The Police.

Report anonymously via CrimeStoppers
Contact Crimestoppers to anonymously report a crime or suspicious behaviour.

By phone: 0800 555 111

Contacting the SmartVille Iver Heath team

We are only allowed to access the SmartVille cameras in the event of a reported or ongoing crime and they are to be used for evidence gathering purposes only.

Before contacting us:

    1. Report the incident to the relevant authorities.
    2. Write down the ‘reference number’ provided.

Then email us at: OR use the form below.

Information we will need:

  • Crime reference or Incident number
  • Your name; email and contact number
  • Location of incident
  • Date and time of incident
  • Details of incident

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